LAPD, Uber deliver double whammy to 3 unsuspecting Uber drivers


Uber Los Angeles Front page

Los Angeles based Uber drivers Roy Freeman, Michael Chadwick and Sid Lomeli had their cars impounded and now have arrest records thanks to a recent undercover LAPD sting.

With violent crime up in the City of Los Angeles one has to wonder why a group of detectives and officers within LAPD are spending City time and resources arresting Uber drivers.

At the very least they could have used their discretion to give them citations, an arrest seems to be unwarranted and overkill especially if this was a first time offense.

Uber on its part clearly failed to warn drivers about local laws/regulations which could result in their arrest and while they will likely leave these drivers high, dry and footing the bill in the form of tow yard storage fees, court costs and lawyer costs which will likely mount into the thousands, the company continues to advertise themselves as an Los Angeles based company to both unsuspecting drivers and users.

While you will find various posts about auditionsfood, MADD, PrideLA and the 4th of July, you will not find any mention of this incident anywhere on Uber’s homepage or Los Angeles based twitter page (screenshot) and Uber declined to give media comment on the incident.

Even if the charges are dropped against these drivers, their arrests and possibly booking photos will be listed on various data aggregates like Spokeo and and since most Uber drivers do this part-time they could lose their primary jobs, face hardship getting future employment and if they only have access to one car, they could lose the ability to get to work/seek employment.

Talk about a double whammy.

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