Sprint to join rivals in doing away with Two-Year Contracts by the end of 2015


Sprint’s CEO Marcel Claure made the announcement in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

The company joins T-Mobile who did away with contracts/subsidized phones two years ago and Verizon who did away with it earlier this month. They will however offer customers the option of leasing phones through Sprint Lease and Sprint Easy Pay.

The change also allows customers to buy their own sprint devices from retailers like Ebay and sign up for service without a contract although its unclear if they will do a credit check on #BYOD customers and potentially charge a deposit, I did ask prior to publishing this story and will update you if I get a reply.

Sprint also announced that customers will be able to upgrade to the latest iPhone forever for $264 (USD) a year.

This is just a few of the long line of changes made since Marcel Claure took over Sprint in 2014, just 1 month after taking over he got rid of the so-called “Framily Plan” which reportedly got cheers from hundreds of employees at the carrier’s block party.

Earlier this year they also announced a plan to make home deliveries and assist customers with setting up their phones in select markets and also made a deal with RadioShack which lets them to occupy a third of each remaining store, the move came after RadioShack filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Overall its been an incredibly busy year for the carrier which recently sank to 4th place, its unclear if the latest changes will give it a boost in the long term.

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