Why did Holly Holm aim for Ronda Rousey’s neck?

Source: MMAFighting.com (Fair Use)

While Holly Holm was grinning from ear to ear at the after fight press conference and hundreds of UFC fans mindlessly posted memes like “Ronda got knocked da f*** out” and “Rip Ronda”, very little concern is being shown for Ronda Rousey who could have had her life and future destroyed by Holm’s dirty ‘win’.

Make no mistake about it, the UFC is a brutal sport but what transpired hours ago took that level of brutality to a whole new level and the pure depravity shown by Holly Holm just to ‘win’ a belt is sickening.

As I watched the fight in real time it appeared to be a brutal yet clean win but on close examination and replay, what actually transpired is quite disturbing.


It appears Holly Holm specifically aimed for and delivered a full force kick to the side of her neck then followed it up with two full force punches to the same area after she went down.

Her actions following the neck kick makes it even more likely that this was just not a random blow that accidently connected with her neck.

Holm herself is no stranger to neck injuries, she recently recovered from a severe neck injury that left her unable to use her left tricep and arm.

“At first I was kind of worrying if I had a neurological problem, because my arm wasn’t working,” — Holly Holm (MMA Fighting)

This alone makes her actions even more disgusting because she knows what its like to suffer a neck injury

Even though a kick like that probably likely isn’t against the rules, was winning everything to Holm that had to she risk paralyzing, brain damaging or even killing her opponent just to get a belt?

As for Ronda Rousey, not much is known about her current condition other than she was taken to hospital after leaving the ring.

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Sprint’s CEO: All calls into France are free ‘until further notice’



Sprint’s CEO made the late night announcement in the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks in France that left over 150 dead and the country placed on lock down.

Early today Google announced that they were making international calls to France free via Google Hangouts

Its unclear at this time if T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T intends to follow suit. So far they have not made any public announcements on Twitter.

Update (10:20PM PT): Verizon just announced that customers can connect to friends and family for free following the attacks. AT&T and T-Mobile have not announced anything so far.

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Fictional Comedy Central character asks followers for help taking down a real child predator on Twitter



Words cannot properly describe the horrors of what I saw less than 2 hours ago but I think its important to report about this so proactive changes can take place and prevent this from ever taking place again. Just a fair warning some of what I will be describing is absolutely horrific, sickening and stomach churning.

All of this began late last night when I saw this tweet from @DazzleNovak which a twitter account that is used to promote Moonbeam City, an animated comedy show that airs on Comedy Central.

The tweets from this account are usually lighthearted but things took a very real, a very serious and a very dark turn when the person behind the account alerted followers to a child predator who was posting what I can only describe as being the most egregious, sadistic, horrific, jarring and disturbing cartoon depictions and actual photos of child rape and child porn.

Actually, vague terms like “child porn” doesn’t begin to describe the absolute depravity of what posted on that account. Believe me it is as bad as it can get, one of the photos which was part of a collage showed a small child bound by the legs with duct tape and being raped.

The account in question has since been made private due to a massive backlash thanks to twitter users like @DazzleNovak for exposing this but several other photos that depict child porn is still up in the header and so far twitter has not taken any actions.

As of this post going live on TechDrama, the account currently has 1600 followers and has been busy for quite awhile with the first post appearing around August 10th.

Its hard to believe that given the amount of time the account has been up posting this content and the sheer number of people participating in it, twitter did nothing about it.

We can’t be the first people to report it, right?

*Disclaimer: No screenshots were taken of any depictions of abuse. The only screenshots that were taken are of two text only tweets

Just hours ago prior to going private, hundreds of users participated in several polls where the predator running the account asked followers to vote on whether they would like to see nude photos of 8 year old or 11 year old children.

The user also asked “should fathers be able to raise their daughters sexually if the child likes it?”.

Hey twitter can we get an easy to access option to report Child Porn already?


I did my due diligence by personally making a late night call to the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC and the Field office in Los Angeles to report it, I also reported it to twitter but I was shocked to find out that there is no option to specifically report child exploitation and child porn to them.

As you can see there are options for report Impersonation, Trademark, Counterfeit goods, Copyright, Harassment, Privacy, Private Information, Spam, Suicide and ads but ZERO option to report child porn/rape and that is infuriating.

What next?

Personally I would like see twitter make this their number 1 priority and not only terminate the account in question but take time to comb through it for other people who are involved and forward it to law enforcement, as well as ban every account that participated in any re tweets, polls, etc that promoted or otherwise advocated sexual abuse and exploitation of children. The account appears to be part of a network of child predators on twitter and one other account which I will not link to is still public and active.

Finally there needs to be an easily to access form for users to report this type of content on twitter.

In conclusion

If it wasn’t for the person behind @DazzleNovak stepping up to the plate and speaking out, this might not have come to light so that person deserves thanks first and foremost.

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