Why did Holly Holm aim for Ronda Rousey’s neck?

Source: MMAFighting.com (Fair Use)

While Holly Holm was grinning from ear to ear at the after fight press conference and hundreds of UFC fans mindlessly posted memes like “Ronda got knocked da f*** out” and “Rip Ronda”, very little concern is being shown for Ronda Rousey who could have had her life and future destroyed by Holm’s dirty ‘win’.

Make no mistake about it, the UFC is a brutal sport but what transpired hours ago took that level of brutality to a whole new level and the pure depravity shown by Holly Holm just to ‘win’ a belt is sickening.

As I watched the fight in real time it appeared to be a brutal yet clean win but on close examination and replay, what actually transpired is quite disturbing.


It appears Holly Holm specifically aimed for and delivered a full force kick to the side of her neck then followed it up with two full force punches to the same area after she went down.

Her actions following the neck kick makes it even more likely that this was just not a random blow that accidently connected with her neck.

Holm herself is no stranger to neck injuries, she recently recovered from a severe neck injury that left her unable to use her left tricep and arm.

“At first I was kind of worrying if I had a neurological problem, because my arm wasn’t working,” — Holly Holm (MMA Fighting)

This alone makes her actions even more disgusting because she knows what its like to suffer a neck injury

Even though a kick like that probably likely isn’t against the rules, was winning everything to Holm that had to she risk paralyzing, brain damaging or even killing her opponent just to get a belt?

As for Ronda Rousey, not much is known about her current condition other than she was taken to hospital after leaving the ring.

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