Ammon Bundy supporter only held on $5,000 bail after making multiple threats to kill Police Officers


In a Body Cam video released by the Oregon State Police and posted by the Harney County Sheriff’s Department, the man, identified as Joseph Arthur Stetson was stopped around 12PM at a Gas Station/Food Market in Harney County after being suspected of driving drunk.

During the first 5 minutes of the near 10 minute encounter, Stetson was talkative and cooperative with Troopers although he seemed to have a hard time remembering where he was headed to and kept saying that he was headed to Banks, Oregon then later Burns, Oregon to join the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Reserve.

The State Trooper told him that the reason for the stop was because they got calls about him and were a little concerned, he also told Stetson that he was being recorded.

At one point Stetson muttered “Piece of shit Obama, Muslim piece of shit” then stated that “I respect authority” after the State Trooper spotted what appeared to be a gun on his person and asked him to stop putting his hands in his pockets.

He also claimed to have only drank NyQuil after the Trooper noted that he smelled alcohol coming from Stetson’s breath.

The conversation took a scary and sinister turn after he was placed into custody, during a profanity laced rant that lasted about 4 minutes he told Troopers, “I’ll kill all of ya Don’t believe me? If I go to jail, when I come out I will kill you” he went on to say:


“I’m a Green Beret Colonel, 1980, I served in central America my record was sealed (from) Ronald Reagan. I’ll kill all you sons of bitches. Freaking cowards sons of bitches. I will kill you sir.”


“I’ve got a damn M14 up in hills up there in (Mt Hood?) and I’m going to kill all you sons of bitches, you’ll see you sons of bitches. Freaking cowards, you Obama sons of bitches.”


“You son of a bitch cops, I will kill you”


“BAM! Off with your freaking heads!”


“I will kill you, freaking Nazi son of a bitch!”

As he was being put in the back cab of a waiting State Trooper pickup truck, he ended with this parting shot

“I will kill you, state trooper, I will kill all of you!”

Authorities told NBCNews that he kicked a police car so violently the door was significantly damaged but even all of that he was only held on a $5,000 bail in Harney County and only charged with resisting arrest. Its unclear if he’s posted bail at this time or if he will retain the right to posses a firearm.

Online sympathizers like ‘20watter‘ quickly took to YouTube and decried the encounter as being ‘unconstitutional’ while another supporter going by the moniker ‘YouAreOneOfUs‘ claimed the entire encounter was ‘staged’ and ‘fake’

Source: YouTube Comments


Should Law Enforcement be concerned?


Yes, Stetson is likely part of self proclaimed ‘Patriot’ / ‘Constitutional militia’ / ‘Anti-Government’ movements many of whom are people who claim to be ex-military. Over the past 2 years people aligned with or are sympathizers with these particular movements have either ambushed, killed or wounded Federal Employees and Police officers, sympathizers such as:

Jerad and Amanda Miller who were involved in the Bundy ranch standoff and later stalked and murdered two Las Vegas Police Officers in a pizza place then draped their bodies in a Gadsen flag.

Jared posted this message on facebook prior to the rampage



James Boulware purchased an armored car off ebay then went on a rampage that included opening fire on Police Officers in Dallas Texas

Eric Frein ambushed and shot 2 State Troopers in Blooming Grove, PA, killing 1.

Larry Steve McQuilliams went on a late night rampage in the City of Austin, TX which included firing on a bank and Federal Courthouse, planted a crudely made bomb in front of a Mexican Consulate building before being killed in front of Austin Police Headquarters.

Then there is Robert Dear who wounded 5 police officers and killed 1 during an assault on a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Over the past 2 years has been especially dangerous for law enforcement because not only have they been attacked by people who claim to be associated with these groups but sympathizers of other groups such as ISIS

As for Joe Stetson who announced in mid 2015 that he was running for President in 2016, its unclear if this latest incident will have a negative effect on his campaign.

Source: Google Plus


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John Legere Gives Non-Answer to Question about T-Mobile Throttling YouTube Content then Follows it Up with a Profanity-Laden Tirade Against the Electronic Frontier Foundation


The embattled CEO pretty much gave a non-sensible answer to a direct question about why he’s lowering the resolution of YouTube streams then went on a profanity laden tirade against the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Question #1:

“.@JohnLegere Does Binge On alter the video stream in any way, or just limit its bandwidth? #AskJohn” — Electronic Frontier Foundation


“So what BingeOn does …it includes a proprietary technology and what the technology does is not only detect the video stream but select the appropriate bitrate to optimize to the video …their mobile device, that’s part A of my answer.

Part B of my answer is who the fuck are you anyway EFF? Why you stirring up so much trouble and who pays you?” — John Ledgere



Question #2:

@JohnLegere Why are you lowering the resolution of streams (YouTube) that are not part of the Binge On?” — @polo421 (Twitter)


“Okay, good question

“Why you lowering the resolution streams that are not part of Binge On?”

Binge on is just not the 38 services that are streaming free, binge on is ability is stretch the use of your data bucket across all video streams and highly important are these other none free streams like YouTube that you talked about” — John Legere (Twitter)



Question #3:

“@JohnLegere I think the biggest question that needs answering is exactly what video optimization technology is being used for Binge On.” — Kevin Tofel (Twitter)


“The biggest question… Why is that your biggest question?

What it is, is its video detection and its uhh… optimization of the video stream for mobile devices and by the way, its video that’s being optimized and the rest of your services work exactly the same.

And by the way, its fully at the customer’s control” — John Legere (Twitter)



Question #4:

“@JohnLegere I really like the idea of Binge On but it detracts from my experience with single-bitrate streams/downloads, can it be improved?” — @AvohkahTamer (Twitter)


“I think that is a good question to close on I’m glad you like the idea and of course we’re going to constantly work to improve it. Lets keep this dialog going, we’re going to kind of finish this part. I am going to be on later and do a periscope and do some more Q&A but lets keep the dialog open. Of course we’ll work to improve it constantly.” — John Legere (Twitter)

He did answer a few other questions including one about porn but he continued to ignore my questions about the photo he tweeted of his chief lobbyist posing in a photo with an FCC commissioner at the consumer electronics show.

He ultimately ended the Q&A shortly after 1PM PT but stated that he would keep the conversation going. Its unclear if he will stand by his remarks about the EFF.

Update (8:33PM PT): It appears Legere walked back comments he made about the Electronic Frontier Foundation earlier today

He also did a Periscope session later on where he said he would like to meet with the EFF.

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T-Mobile CEO calls Binge On critics “Jerks” during foul mouthed 3 minute video rant


This Morning the CEO of T-Mobile released a 3 min videos in response to increasing criticism of how the company is handling data through it’s BingeOn program which it claims provides customers with ‘Unlimited Data’.


“…We give customers more choices and these jerks are complaining, who the hell do they think they are?” — John Legere




During the nearly 4 min rant which was posted on twitter and the company’s blog, he dismissed claims of throttling made by Google, The EFF and others as “Bullsh*t” and made vague claims to being a victim of “Groups out there” and “The big guy’s agenda” which is interesting considering that he recently tweeted a photo of his company’s chief lobbyist Kathleen Ham posing in a photo with FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, both were wearing T-Mobile’s trademarked magenta.


The interesting part of the press release is where he claims others are playing semantics while it appears hes doing the very same thing

“There are people out there saying we’re “throttling.” They’re playing semantics! Binge On does NOT permanently slow down data nor remove customer control. “T-Mobile Press Release

While he doesn’t categorically deny slowing it down his customers’ connections which could violate the FCC’s net neutrality rules, he added that they don’t do it “permanently”.

So far he’s ignored numerous questions from me about the Tweet, BingeOn and throttling YouTube videos (which isnt a BingeOn partner) but he promised to hold a #AskJohn Q&A session later today at 12PM PT/3PM ET.

You can read my previous article about T-Mobile and BingeOn below:

FCC commissioner poses with T-Mobile lobbist at CES amid calls for investigation into ‘BingeOn’ and net neutrality practices


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FCC commissioner poses with T-Mobile lobbist at CES amid calls for investigation into ‘BingeOn’ and net neutrality practices


Earlier today T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere tweeted a photo of FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel wearing a magenta jacket posing with T-Mobile’s chief lobbyist Kathleen Ham who was also wearing a magenta Jacket which is T-Mobile’s trademarked color.

Interesting enough a federal judge recently ruled in T-Mobile favor and against AT&T and ordered the telecom giant stop using the color magenta or better yet Pantone 676C over fears that it might cause consumers to confuse the two companies.

So, was this just an unfortunate coincidence or a show of solidarity on the FCC commissioner’s part?

At this point so much is unknown but it does bring into question why the CEO of T-Mobile would find it necessary to tweet a photo of his chief lobbyist posing with a FCC commissioner on the heels of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) ‘blasting’ the company over its practices with ‘Binge-On’ and calling for an FCC investigation over possible violations of the agency’s recent net neutrality rulings.

(BBC) In tests, the EFF found video download speeds were slower when Binge On was enabled


The EFF isn’t the only group accusing the telecom giant of scrupulous business practices when it comes to BingeOn which T-Mobile claims its offering ‘unlimited’ bandwidth to users on Hulu, NetFlix, HBO, Ustream, ESPN and others.

Recently Google accused the T-Mobile of throttling it’s parent company YouTube’s videos and lowering their resolution, even though Google/YouTube doesn’t agreement with T-Mobile and is not included with the Binge On lineup.

In response, an unnamed T-Mobile rep told DSLReports that “Using the term ‘throttle’ is misleading,”, the rep went on to say that they are ‘optimizing’ videos for mobile devices.

“We aren’t slowing down YouTube or any other site. In fact, because video is optimized for mobile devices, streaming from these sites should be just as fast, if not faster than before. A better phrase is ‘mobile optimized’ or a less flattering ‘downgraded’ is also accurate.” — Unnamed T-Mobile Representative (DSLReports)

I did ask the CEO of T-Mobile and the FCC Commissioner via twitter to comment on our concerns about possible conflict of interest but so far they have not responded.

What remains to be seen is if T-Mobile is indeed violating the FCC’s net neutrality rules as articles by Consumerist, Slate and the BBC seem to suggest, if they will face any fines or other penalties from FCC.

Update (9:18PM): JohnLegere has since deleted his original tweet and re-posted it, we’ve updated the article to include the updated tweet.

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T-Mobile: Proud to rank 4th in 2015


T-Mobile’s current CEO John Legere seemed surprised to have recently ranked the 4th most influential CEOs of 2015 on Twitter.

The often foul-mouthed CEO who recently got into an online fight with Donald Trump is reported to have made $29.2 million in 2013, earning more than the CEOs of Verizon and AT&T at that time but to his credit he did increase T-Mobile’s customer base from 33 million in 2012 to 61 million in 2015 and recently surpassed Sprint to become the 3rd largest carrier in the US since becoming CEO in 2012.


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