closes shop after 8 successful years to become another boring, bland and overpriced brand


A few days ago Cowboom which was founded in 2008 and a subsidiary of Best Buy suddenly announced that it was closing shop and becoming ‘Best Buy Outlet‘.

Its unclear what prompted Best Buy to make this decision but the news was quickly greeted with reactions of disappointment, sadness and somewhat anger.

Cowboom was once the place for consumers to find affordable deals on Best Buy’s often overpriced products and likely¬†helped keep the company afloat by allowing it to¬†offload trade-ins, unsold, open box, and showroom items to consumers at a reasonable price.

That has now been replaced by Best Buy Outlet which is bland, hard to navigate and many of the so-called “deals” just link to regular priced items.

I think this move will be looked at as one of Best Buy’s biggest blunders and will lead to more store closures since they¬†no longer have a place that many viewed as neutral to offload stock.

cowboom_team Team

Its unclear what will become of Cowboom’s employees or what is Best Buy’s long term goals¬†are under¬†Hubert Joly but Cowboom undoubtedly made a huge impact on the online retail industry and will be sorely missed.

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