Ace Hardware openly supports Anti-Law Enforcement militants whose members killed 2 Police Officers



Just when you thought the Bundy Militia saga couldn’t get any more bizarre or strange, Ace Hardware appears to proudly and publicly throw their support behind the Bundys, this is what the often scofflaw family posted on their facebook page last night to celebrate the occasion.

Seeing this as we drove down Main Street in Mesquite today brightened our day and put a spring in our step. The littlest things can make such a big difference to us right now. We are SO SO SO grateful for the support of ace hardware. Thank you so much for not being afraid to stand with us! LOVE- the Bundy Family— Bundy Ranch Facebook Page (Screenshot)

The Bundy family has had a very ugly and bloody history over the past 2 years which includes (but not limited to) supporters ambushing and murdering Las Vegas Officers Igor Soldo & Alyn Beck who were on a lunch break at CiCi’s Pizza, the murder of Walmart shopper Joseph Robert Wilcox who tried to stop the attack and recently the armed takeover of a federal facility in Oregon which resulted in millions of dollars in damages, the desecration of Native American grounds and led to the death of supporter LaVoy Finicum as he attempted to pull a firearm on Law Enforcement and also the harassment and intimidation of veteran reporter of the Oregonian, Les Zaitz and his family. 



Just to rewind, the Bundys and their supporters made their stance very clear during the Bunkerville Standoff where many took various positions and pointed firearms at Police Officers, BLM agents and strategized placing women in front to use them as cover.

“We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front, If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.” Supporter/CSPOA founder Richard Mack

Two years later during the takeover of the federal facility in Harney County, Oregon, supporter Sean Anderson instructed fellow supporters to “kill” law enforcement if they try stop them from getting to the refuge, fortunately that never happened.

If they stop you from getting here, kill them,Supporter, Sean Anderson

Overall Cliven Bundy along with his family’s actions (Primarily Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy) have lead to the deaths of 6 people (2 police officers, 1 civilian and 3 supporters/assailants), so it’s shocking to witness Ace Hardware which has 4,900 hardware stores worldwide, employs 86,000 people and generated 5.05 billion in revenue in 2015 suddenly throw their support behind the Bundy family and ask that they be freed despite everything.

Just as a reminder, this is what Bundy supporters did to Officers Soldo and Beck

Jerad Miller fatally shot Soldo in the back of the head with a handgun, then shot Beck in the throat. Both Millers then killed Beck by shooting him multiple times after he attempted to fire back. Afterwards, they dragged the officers’ bodies out of their booth and covered Beck with a yellow Gadsden flag and a swastika. They also pinned a note on Soldo’s body, which read: “This is the beginning of the revolution.” They also stole both officers’ guns and ammunition. Also, during the restaurant shooting, the Millers loudly declared to other patrons that it was the start of “a revolution” ” — (Source) Wikipedia


So far Ace Hardware has remained silent over their apparent support of the Bundys, they have also ignored multiple inquires posted to their Facebook and Twitter pages and have not released an official statement but regardless, they owe an explanation to their customers, Law Enforcement officers and their families who have often been the target of harassment, threats and also the Las Vegas Metro Police Department whose fellow officers and their families paid the ultimate price on June 8th, 2014 because of the Bundy family actions.


From left, Sgt. Jimmy Oaks, Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie, Joseph Beck and Elizabeth Krmpotich attend a memorial service for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Alyn Beck at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts Saturday, June 14, 2014 in Las Vegas. — Credit: AP




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